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I Think I Hear Sleigh Bells

Author: Virginia C. Foley
Genre: Fiction
Reviewed by Jozette Aaron

560Ethan McBride was deserted by his mother as a baby. His father, very indifferent to his son except to meet his needs for survival, set him up in his own house in Lincoln Park, including a full compliment of staff. Ethan was two years old!

He was raised by Stella, his housekeeper, who loved him as if he were her own. Many a day she would catch him pining for the mother who promised to return for Christmas. He sat with his gift in hand, waiting for her to return...a gift that went un-opened for twenty-two years.

Ethan grew up not trusting anyone to love him. He lived his life very privately, not letting anyone close enough to see the hurt there. Tragedy would strike at the hands of Vienna, a deranged acquaintance of his; someone who thought she loved Ethan and set out to make him love her in return.

When Grace Dukane entered his life, Ethan was thrown into an emotional quagmire of old hurts, hatred, despair and longing and was being pulled down to a place he thought he would be unable to emerge from.

Ms. Foley has written a very powerful, emotional story of a tangled web woven from deceit and how it touched the lives of everyone whether innocent or guilty.

A good read...highly recommended!


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